How we celebrated Diwali

by hacker

It’s been some time since we made you face palm with one of our posts. Here’s one that will show you how Geeks celebrate Diwali.

Before we go ahead, here are some dos and don’ts.



All we are trying to say is even though you require a gas mask a day before, on and after Diwali, there’s plenty much you could do without fire. Check out what we did this Diwali and how we made a lot of jumpy kids very happy.

Above’s a video, though not very clear that will show you what we actually implemented that night. Its an interactive staircase installation that makes the steps glow as people step on them. This video shows a work-in-progress stage where two of the steps were working. Wish we had a better camera. We are trying to get it done in a more professional manner and when we do, this page will be updated.

When it came to actual implementation of this project I realized I didn’t have any hamsters. So, I used Nandeep instead. He looks like a hamster only when he sees giant sized Star Wars effigies or very sophisticated looking PCBs.

I showed him both and Voila! We had a Hamster. Also considering it was his apartment building’s staircase where we were messing around in, he was right at home.

We also plan to get a whole bunch of projects up on our website soon. Oops, spoiler alert. Aww, its okay you don’t really know that much. It’s all under the hood. ;)

In other news we have had setbacks due to this awesome festive season. Our fab mill and other suppliers took a break for 6 Diwalis in a row and that has brought us a bit behind the previously promised schedule but if you’re keeping your fingers crossed like we have, you can be sure that the next few weeks are going to be a bag full of surprises.

As per our word, we have begun to organize absolutely FREE workshops all over the country. It’s like a minefield being laid for a synchronized detonation. I wish I could say more, but there are currently three Rottweilers reading every thing I write and they stare at me when I say too much. No seriously!

I think I am missing something. Oh yeah! BELATED HAPPY DIWALI! We hope that you are ready for your projects because there’s something planned for everyone!

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